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Welcome to Christian FM!

Christian FM is America’s premier content provider for Contemporary Christian formatted radio stations. Christian FM offers up to 24/7 music, imaging, personalities, delivery systems and consulting services to help you build a responsive audience.

Among our clients are some of the highest rated stations in the CCM format. From Maine to South Texas, from New York to LA, and from Florida to Washington State, Christian FM created programming is heard on top quality radio stations nationwide, and on a growing list of overseas outlets.

Many existing Contemporary Christian stations have found Christian FM to be the way to sound great, minimize overhead, and actually become MORE local in the process. For radio station owners considering a format change, Christian FM offers the best way to enter the growing Contemporary Christian format.



Christian FM delivers custom content to each client minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour. The Christian FM songs are fully researched & proven. The hosts are compelling, warm, entertaining, and interacting with your listeners. The atmosphere resonates with themes of faith and family. Through our exclusive arrangement with Westwood One, patented STORQ localization brings you compelling, warm, and entertaining hosts. We aren’t generic-sounding satellite or stale voice tracking.  Christian FM is absolutely unique!



Christian FM plays proven contemporary Christian music, the top hits, the top artists, names people recognize and songs they LIKE: Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin and more. today’s brightest and best Christian artists.



Setting Christian FM apart from any other network is our unique delivery technology that allows you to direct the content of our announcers’ breaks. Christian FM causes your station to not only sound local, but truly BE local and interactive in your community. (Just ask one of our clients!) Take some time to explore this amazing opportunity for your station. Then contact us to see if Christian FM is available for your market.