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Why flip your station to Christian?


Contemporary Christian music one of the few radio formats that continues to experience solid growth. In markets across America CCM radio is demonstrating impressive audience numbers, especially with women 25-54. In some large and medium markets it is not uncommon to find Christian stations at number one for adults overall and in several major markets where the format is present, the format consistently ranks on the top three for the coveted women 25-54 demo.



Today, some traditional Adult Contemporary stations are often surprised to find themselves being overpowered or diluted by a strong CCM station in their market. For this reason, some cluster operators who never before did Christian are choosing to fragment the dominance of a CCM competitor by launching their own Christian station to bring 25-54 women back into their own cluster.



Today Christian radio has amassed impressive audiences. It’s a growing, educated, affluent and desirable demo that delivers a huge marketplace presence.



Christian FM is a format that draws listener loyalty and impressive time-spent-listening. After all, Christian FM listeners are deeply into “their” music in a way that most formats can only hope for. It represents a lifestyle of family values that moms love.



Consulted by the top programmers in the format, Christian FM leads the way in developing successful strategies for launching new stations.



Truth In The Numbers

  • Christian is the fastest-growing segment of the music industry. Along with Hispanic, Christian is one of the few genres that are actually growing. Christian outsells Hispanic two-to-one.
  • For every 10 Country albums sold, 7 Christian albums are sold.
  •  In many cities nationwide, CCM stations are consistently rated top 3 with adults, luring huge shares away from traditional AC competitors. In several large markets, the format is actually #1 with the magic 25-54 demo.
  •  65% of Christian radio listeners are women, more than any other format.