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The Truth Is In The Numbers

  • Christian is the fastest-growing segment of the music industry. Along with Hispanic, Christian is one of the few genres that are actually growing. Christian outsells Hispanic two-to-one.
  • For every 10 Country albums sold, 7 Christian albums are sold. Many feel that Christian radio is experiencing the same kind of stunning growth that Country saw in the 80s and 90s.
  •  In many cities nationwide, CCM stations are consistently rated top 3 with adults, luring huge shares away from traditional AC competitors. In several large markets, the format is actually #1 with the magic 25-54 demo.
  • 65% of Christian radio listeners are women, more than any other format.


Values Are The Key


Christian FM really resonates with listeners because it’s more than music. It’s a mission. The entire format is based on the life commitment and set of core values that our listeners live by. This permeates everything that happens on-air.


These are family-friendly values. How many other formats can truly be enjoyed by the whole family? Much of AC and Country are not kid-safe anymore. Contemporary Christian music is…and always will be.