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Christian AC Format

Contemporary Christian music is arguably the fastest growing segment of the music world. In markets across the country, Christian AC stations are increasingly among the top three stations in their markets, and in several large markets Christian radio has proven it can dominate with women 25-54.


Christian FM’s AC Christian services brings your station up to 24/7 Contemporary Christian Music, hosted by personalities that connect. Whether you are looking to launch a new CCM station, or just want to improve your existing station’s overnights and weekends, Christian FM can make you sound great, interact locally, and build a successful brand.


Looking for a new format? Considering Christian?  Christian FM is the expert in Contemporary Christian.  We’ve already helped start dozens of new stations. We can make it easy and turn-key for your company.


Our Christian AC format has been developed  by the leading programmers in the genre.  We deliver to your station proven, heavily researched music that listeners really love.  Christian FM plays proven contemporary Christian music, the top hits, the top artists, names people recognize and songs they LIKE: Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Chris Tomlin and more…today’s brightest and best Christian artists.


The hosts are compelling, warm, entertaining, and interacting with your listeners. The atmosphere resonates with themes of faith and family.


Setting Christian FM apart from any other network is our unique delivery technology that allows you to direct the content of our announcers’ breaks. Christian FM causes your station to not only sound local, but truly BE local and interactive in your community. We aren’t generic-sounding satellite or stale voice tracking. Christian FM delivers custom content to each client minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour.


Christian FM is a format that inspires deep listener loyalty and builds impressive cume. .


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