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Brant Hansen Show

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Get ready for the most talked-about show on your radio station


The Brant Hansen Show is utterly unique. Brant is quirky, deep, nerdy, and joyful. His producer, Sherri, is brilliant, patient, and hilarious.


Recognized by many as the top talent in Christian radio, Brant Hansen is sometimes described as “Jimmy Fallon meets CS Lewis.”   One minute Brant is off the wall funny, and the next deeply thought provoking.


Brant’s new book “Unoffendable”, published by Thomas Nelson recently debuted to rave reviews.  Brant’s  podcast with producer Sherri Lynn is consistently one of the top in the U.S. (frequently #1 in the Religion and Spirituality section in iTunes!) often outpacing successful podcasts from Joel Osteen to Bill Maher.


Brant Hansen has won multiple Personality of the Year awards from CMB and Radio and Records. According to Brant,  “Our goal is simple: We want to remind people, with as much joy and creativity as we can muster, just how GOOD God is. People are burdened with both busy-ness and guilt. If we can take some of that off someone’s shoulders… well, that’s like fresh water to people.”


The show can be run in virtually any daypart and is delivered fresh daily via two ways:


STORQ system. Christian FM offers stations exclusive Westwood One technology that is truly amazing. STORQ allows stations incredible degrees of flexibility and custom voice tracking for each station. It’s the most powerful way to make the show sound completely local and also makes available the many other services of Christian FM.


FTP: The Brant Hansen Show is also available daily by standard FTP delivery. The tracks can be set to automatically download every day into station automation systems. FTP delivery is ideal for those stations who don’t require as much customization and prefer to program their own music and clocks.


Want to learn more about Brant?  Visit  There you can read his blogs and listen to his podcasts.  You’ll agree that Brant Hansen is a compelling and unique communicator.


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The Brant Hanson Show.


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