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Christian FM features 24/7 Contemporary Christian Music, hosted by engaging communicators who understand the music, mission, and audience of Christian radio. Christian FM is entertaining and lively, but the message is clearly one of faith.


Contemporary Christian music is arguably the fastest growing segment of the music world. In markets across the country, Christian AC stations are increasingly among the top three stations in their markets, and in several large markets Christian radio has proven it can dominate, especially with women 25-54.


Christian FM is consulted by the leading, most successful programmers in the Christian format. The music is carefully researched, thoughtfully chosen and blended to increase time-spent-listening. We deliver to your station proven, Christian songs that listeners really love.


Christian FM is a format that inspires listener loyalty and impressive time-spent-listening. Christian FM listeners are deeply into “their” music in a way that traditional formats can only hope for.


Christian radio has come of age.