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Custom Localization

Exclusive STORQ Localization- Keeps you local and in control


Christian FM’s Christian AC format is completely different from any other program content provider or satellite service. Our unique delivery system empowers you in ways never before possible.

Christian FM is powered by STORQ network technology from Westwood One. With this revolutionary system, the music and imaging resides locally on your own STORQ hard drive automation system (i.e., it’s not being streamed). Music updates download automatically each day. The only things we deliver minute-by-minute over satellite are the freshly cut voice tracks and elements from our announcers. Announcer voice tracks are created in virtual real-time and automatically appear just minutes before they air.

Using a simple web interface, you provide local copy points for the network announcers (as much or as little as you want) and we integrate it into the broadcast seamlessly. This patented STORQ technology is the only way to make a satellite/broadband delivered format truly live and local.

You are in control. Your Christian FM personalities voice your community events, your station promotions, your station branding–whatever you want them to say. We can keep track of your local weather, promo your weekend remote, or talk up a local concert. No other service can provide you this level of localization!

Plus, unlike ANY other system available, you remain in control of your inventory. Need to throw in an extra local spot at the last minute? No problem. There are no 4-minute network windows to worry about. Want to replace a song with a local request? It’s easy. Click and drag. The clock floats and compensates and everything remains seamless.

Want to know more? Check out our video about how your station can stay live and local: